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Lead Forecaster

“Having fun your whole life is a pretty powerful motivator.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • He grew up over an hour away from the beach, but all he wanted to do when he grew up was live at the beach.
  • As he went to school at Claremont McKenna University, he decided he wanted to be a lifeguard.
  • As he got more into lifeguarding, surf forecasting kept tugging at him; he always wanted to know more about it.
  • Got his degree in psychology, which he doesn’t use directly, but he says the writing and communication skills still help him.
  • Says that truthfully, many nights he should’ve spent studying, he was up late looking at wave science and forecasts.
  • When he started at Surfline, he made next to no money; says if you love something, you should be willing to work for cheap.
  • He worked weekends, holidays, crazy hours, but he stuck with it because he loved it—and he could still surf in his free time.
  • Seventeen years later, he says if he could tell his teenage self what his future job would be, young him would be “stoked!”

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