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Teaching Gardens

“It's about showing [kids] the possibility of what can be...that's when real change takes place.”


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Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Realized that if kids learned how to grow their own food, they'd understand the natural environment much better.
  • She started with one single garden, which she tended with her friend, a school principal.
  • The two immediately saw the opportunity to interweave gardening with education.
  • Partnered up with the American Heart Association to combat obesity by teaching kids about the connection between the environment and their health.
  • Her foundation is about connecting kids with the earth, but also about connecting them with other people who love and care for the earth.
  • Sees gardening as a good form of therapy for kids who are having a rough time.
  • Teaching Gardens has now spread across the country, and works with 150 different schools.
  • Says that when kids see that their teachers and role models care about the environment, they start to mirror their thinking.

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