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Keith Stegall



My road in life has been direct.
Grew up in a musical family, so he always associated music with leisure; assumed he couldn't make a career out of it.
Throughout most of his schooling, he thought he had his path figured out.
Got his bachelor's degree in religion, then went to do a master's degree in divinity, planned to do a doctorate in philosophy of religion.
When he entered his master's program, a counselor sat him down and asked about his career goals.
Keith told him he planned to graduate, then teach philosophy, but admitted that he wasn't feeling totally passionate about it.
Counselor told him the job market for philosophers wasn't great, so if he had any other passions, he should drop out and follow them.
Says that's the best advice he ever got; started getting his "dropped class" slips the very next day.
Admits that "follow your dreams" is hard advice to give, but really believes that you should take some chances while you're young.
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I'm a country music singer, songwriter, and producer.

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My work combines:
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