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Karen Pearson



My road in life has been direct.
Growing up in Berkeley, she grew up wary of corporate America; didn't want to become "the man."
Realized she didn't have to subscribe to any particular brand of business, she could create her own company culture.
Originally set out to "change the world," came to realize that through her interactions with co-workers, musicians, she actually could affect change.
Makes sure her company encourages everyone to be who they are, says that's infectious, spreads to the customers, helps feel at home.
Believes in Martha Graham's advice: don't question your passion, just go where it takes you and follow it to the very end.
Says sometimes it's best to realize, "it's not all about me," and go where life takes you; if you're open to many paths, you'll find yours.
Has realized that in running a business, it's not about how much profit she makes, it's about what she does with that profit.
Found that the smallest things, like giving a fan a free poster, often make the biggest impacts on how people view her company.
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I run a record store where we promote independent musicians and share our love of music with our customers.

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My work combines:
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