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“If there's anything that's gonna be changed because of my presence, or your presence, it's going to be in this context…in a one-on-one, smaller group. That changes the world.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Growing up in Berkeley, she grew up wary of corporate America; didn't want to become "the man."
  • Realized she didn't have to subscribe to any particular brand of business, she could create her own company culture.
  • Originally set out to "change the world," came to realize that through her interactions with co-workers, musicians, she actually could affect change.
  • Makes sure her company encourages everyone to be who they are, says that's infectious, spreads to the customers, helps feel at home.
  • Believes in Martha Graham's advice: don't question your passion, just go where it takes you and follow it to the very end.
  • Says sometimes it's best to realize, "it's not all about me," and go where life takes you; if you're open to many paths, you'll find yours.
  • Has realized that in running a business, it's not about how much profit she makes, it's about what she does with that profit.
  • Found that the smallest things, like giving a fan a free poster, often make the biggest impacts on how people view her company.

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