Julie's Open Road

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“Don't compare yourself to the guy who's VP at Amazon. That ain't you. You are doing something else. You're a writer and it's the most luxurious thing in the world. You get to pay attention to all the things that are going on all around you. You're a person reflecting what it is to be alive now.”


Acting & Theatre Writing


Family Negativity Perseverance Support & Encouragement


Being Creative


  • Originally wanted to be an actor, but faced some difficulty getting her career off the ground.
  • Tried out for a Shakespearean company and promised herself if she didn't get in, she'd give up acting-and she didn't get in.
  • She'd always liked writing but never thought she was smart enough to do it.
  • After giving up acting, she was free to try her hand at writing; she started writing plays and never looked back.
  • Her parents, like most, were always nervous watching her pursue a career in the theater, but they encouraged her to teach writing.
  • Says the hardest part about being a playwright is that when a play goes wrong, critics tend to blame you.
  • But, she says like nickel machines in Vegas, you get little successes and they keep you going through the hard times.
  • Still feels incredibly lucky when one of her plays goes well, feels like she's so fortunate to have found her profession.

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