Judith Mansfield

Judith Mansfield

Library Acquisitions Chief

US/Anglo Division, Library of Congress

Washington, DC USA

I had a grandmother who stood by me and said 'You should go ahead and do it anyways regardless of what your mother says, it's your life.


By Roadtrip Nation

Judith Mansfield


My road in life has been direct.
In between her junior and senior year of college, she moved to Denmark to work as a chambermaid in a hostel.
The experience was so transformative that she stayed much longer than planned, traveled around Europe.
She put off school to take a job in the Canary Islands, then finally returned to college late to finish her final year.
She'd been studying typing, but realized it wasn't going to work out, so she went to graduate school so she could train for something different.
As a young girl, she'd been told she could one of three things: a teacher, a nurse, or a secretary.
She'd worked in a library for two years in junior high school and enjoyed it; decided she'd be a librarian.
Knew she'd have to get graduate training, but her mother thought it was a waste of money, said she should just get married instead.
With the help of her grandmother, Judith talked her mom into lending her the money for grad school.
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Library Acquisitions Chief

I direct the cataloging activities of new acquisitions to the library.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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