Judith's Open Road


    Team Tabula Rasa


Library Acquisitions Chief
US/Anglo Division, Library of Congress

“I had a grandmother who stood by me and said 'You should go ahead and do it anyways regardless of what your mother says, it's your life.”


Government Non-Profit Organizations


Choices Passion Opportunity Confidence Doubt Pressure Values Experience


Accomplishing Goals


  • In between her junior and senior year of college, she moved to Denmark to work as a chambermaid in a hostel.
  • The experience was so transformative that she stayed much longer than planned, traveled around Europe.
  • She put off school to take a job in the Canary Islands, then finally returned to college late to finish her final year.
  • She'd been studying typing, but realized it wasn't going to work out, so she went to graduate school so she could train for something different.
  • As a young girl, she'd been told she could one of three things: a teacher, a nurse, or a secretary.
  • She'd worked in a library for two years in junior high school and enjoyed it; decided she'd be a librarian.
  • Knew she'd have to get graduate training, but her mother thought it was a waste of money, said she should just get married instead.
  • With the help of her grandmother, Judith talked her mom into lending her the money for grad school.

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