John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Mill Valley, CA USA

If you think of getting lost as a positive thing, you open yourself up to possibilities you wouldn't have otherwise considered


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John Perry Barlow


My road in life has been direct.
Studied comparative religion at Wesleyan University, then spent two years wandering around India.
After college, he spent time living on his family's ranch and writing songs for the Grateful Dead.
Was always fascinated by what would replace the solitary ranch lifestyle that was dying out.
In the '80s, someone told him to check out a Grateful Dead message board; this was his first encounter with the Internet, still in its early stages.
He realized the Internet was going to become "the nervous system" of the collective human race, it became one of his interests.
Harper's Bazaar started a forum discussing the issues of personal privacy and freedom of expression in the age of the Web.
In 1990, he took those ideas and started EFF, which protects free speech online, limits government access to personal data.
Stresses that everyone feels confused about what they want to do with their lives; you can take comfort in knowing your colleagues are just as scared as you are.
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I write, speak, and consult on a broad variety of subjects, particularly digital economy.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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