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Chief Executive Officer
Uncharted Play

“Don't assume that you're going to have to be done with all your childish ideas...Everyone remembers what they were thinking of when they were kids, and what they thought could be possible. Keep holding on to that.”


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Helping People


  • She didn't have an engineering background, but knew she wanted to create something that would address some sort of need.
  • Met her co-founder Julia Silverman in an undergrad art/science class at Harvard.
  • They collaborated on a group project that became Uncharted Play.
  • They created a soccer ball that harnesses kinetic energy and converts it into power.
  • Can power lights for children in third-world countries who don't have access to electricity, hoping to expand to small refrigerators for safer food storage.
  • Harvard gave them a small grant to continue their work, build models, test them in South Africa.
  • Both women were accepted to Harvard Business School but have deferred to keep working on this project.
  • Believes Uncharted Play shows that if everyone put their different talents into social enterprises, the world would be a better place.

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