Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs


Samovar Tea Lounge

San Francisco, CA USA

Pursuing the unknown is frightening. And most people don't do it … but you may wake up in 50 years going, 'What the heck did I do?'


By Roadtrip Nation

Jesse Jacobs


My road in life has been direct.
Was working at an internet consulting company in Seattle, building websites.
His job was super competitive-he was working 80-hour weeks, his work constantly became outdated.
While enjoying a tea in his office one day, he realized he was in the wrong business.
When he first had the idea of opening a tea lounge, everyone told him he was doomed to fail, coffee was "where it's at."
Went to 72 different banks and 71 told him, "no."
Number 72 was drawn into the communal experience; it reminded him of Morocco and he believed a tea lounge could work.
Says when following your dreams, you have to go through your "hierarchy of needs," satisfy each level before you move on.
Acknowledges it can be hard to "kick yourself in the pants," get started, take risks, but says following a comfortable path often leads to regret.
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I invite people to slow down, inhabit the present moment, drink tea, and remember what it is to be human.

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My work combines:
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