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Samovar Tea Lounge

“Pursuing the unknown is frightening. And most people don't do it … but you may wake up in 50 years going, 'What the heck did I do?'”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Was working at an internet consulting company in Seattle, building websites.
  • His job was super competitive-he was working 80-hour weeks, his work constantly became outdated.
  • While enjoying a tea in his office one day, he realized he was in the wrong business.
  • When he first had the idea of opening a tea lounge, everyone told him he was doomed to fail, coffee was "where it's at."
  • Went to 72 different banks and 71 told him, "no."
  • Number 72 was drawn into the communal experience; it reminded him of Morocco and he believed a tea lounge could work.
  • Says when following your dreams, you have to go through your "hierarchy of needs," satisfy each level before you move on.
  • Acknowledges it can be hard to "kick yourself in the pants," get started, take risks, but says following a comfortable path often leads to regret.

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