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“I want my daughter to be able to say, 'I can be girly, giggly, funny, and silly, and still be hella smart, make whatever I want to make, and totally compete in this field,' whatever field it may be.”


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  • As a teenager, she experienced discrimination against women firsthand-got pregnant at 16 and felt like people started rooting against her.
  • No one expected her to graduate from high school, but she actually worked really hard to make sure she'd get good scholarships.
  • Went to Oregon State University, studied computer engineering with minors in French, business, and computer science.
  • After she graduated, she had impostor syndrome-had the feeling that no matter how well she did, she wasn't good enough.
  • Applying to jobs and going to interviews terrified her, gave her panic attacks because she felt like she was a "fraud."
  • At the same time, she had two offers pulled after they found out she was pregnant with her daughter.
  • Instead of conforming to these big companies, she started her own company-ChickTech.
  • ChickTech shows high school girls that you can own your femininity and still get an awesome job in the tech industry.

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