Jane's Open Road


    STEM Roadtrip


Senior Research Engineer
A123 Systems

“The challenge is going to be part of the joy in this journey … the opportunity is there, work hard but work smart and you'll be all right.”


Engineering Numbers


Exploration Fear Transitions Dedication Talent Hard Work Passion Education Doubt


Accomplishing Goals


  • Was always interested in chemistry, loved that elements could be combined to form engineered compounds that aren't found in nature.
  • Majored in chemical engineering in college, now works in a field that uses her chemical engineering degree "a lot."
  • Develops/improves the batteries used in electric vehicles.
  • Immigrated to America at a young age-remembers landing in the airport and suddenly feeling "alone."
  • Says it's important to do what you're good at and find your own talents.
  • If you do something you enjoy, you'll naturally devote more of your brain power/energy to it, and you'll get better and better.
  • Says you're going to spend one-third of your life at work; if you don't like your job, it turns into torture.
  • Believes that taking on the big challenges at work often leads to bigger rewards down the line.

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