Jane Zhou

Jane Zhou

Senior Research Engineer

A123 Systems

Ann Arbor, MI USA

The challenge is going to be part of the joy in this journey … the opportunity is there, work hard but work smart and you'll be all right.


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Jane Zhou


My road in life has been direct.
Was always interested in chemistry, loved that elements could be combined to form engineered compounds that aren't found in nature.
Majored in chemical engineering in college, now works in a field that uses her chemical engineering degree "a lot."
Develops / improves the batteries used in electric vehicles.
Immigrated to America at a young age-remembers landing in the airport and suddenly feeling "alone."
Says it's important to do what you're good at and find your own talents.
If you do something you enjoy, you'll naturally devote more of your brain power / energy to it, and you'll get better and better.
Says you're going to spend one-third of your life at work; if you don't like your job, it turns into torture.
Believes that taking on the big challenges at work often leads to bigger rewards down the line.
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Senior Research Engineer

I research lithium-ion battery technology for higher energy / power and safer, better performance.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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