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James Reeves



My road in life has been direct.
Had no idea what he wanted to do or be, so became a "dilettante," doing whatever he felt like.
Estimates he had 28 jobs-sold Oriental rugs, delivered pizza, taught grad school-but they all make sense "in the rearview mirror."
Says in his grandfather's time, there was a "cohesive storyline," but now, there's not just one track, one career-"everything's up for grabs."
Believes the "get a job, get a family" storyline is "crazy," just a cultural norm that we shouldn't feel pressure to follow.
Used to measure his success by how much others were making, whether or not they were published, but says that just makes you unhappy.
Says if you take a 9-to-5 and work on your passion on your own time, make sure to switch at some point-make your passion your day job.
After his book was published, he realized the act of writing, his own sense of accomplishment in finishing meant more than the success.
Says if you want to work for yourself, you have to just take the jump and do it; no one's going to be there to extend a hand or give you a push.
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Designer, Writer, Teacher & Motorist

I'm a writer, teacher, and motorist, driving around the country photographing and writing about American mythologies.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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