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Executive Director
One Community

“I would measure happiness based on how many times I have to ask if I’m happy. If I have to ask often, I’m probably not happy.”


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Helping People


  • As a child, he was always an overachiever in school; his dad never accepted anything less than straight A’s on his report cards.
  • By the time he got to college, the stress of constantly getting perfect grades for his father had finally caught up to him.
  • He decided to take a trimester off, during which he got a DUI and “devastated” his college expectations.
  • Although it was a horrible experience, the DUI allowed him to finally dissociate from his situation and see that he was living someone else’s life rather than his own.
  • Decided he wanted to live for as long as he possibly could; started pursuing bodybuilding because he believed it was the best way to reach his peak health.
  • When his body started breaking down a few years later, he realized he was in the same place he was in college; had to start questioning everything again.
  • He’d been operating a fitness center, which he then decided to transition into a holistic health center; began believing in doing things for a common purpose.
  • His latest venture is One Community, which creates open-source blueprints for building sustainable villages and cities around the world.

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