Iliana's Open Road


Senior Director of Global Benefits and Employee Services
Fossil Group, Inc.

“Be around people that are going to support you and be honest with you, whether you’re having a good day or a bad day.”


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  • She always knew she wanted to work in a job where she could help people, but it took her a while to find out what that job would look like.
  • She studied international relations in college, and although her studies aren’t specifically relevant to her current job, she says learning about different cultures contributed to her success.
  • She grew up in Mexico City, so when she moved to the United States, she had to undergo a huge transition.
  • Her family was sad to see her move to the U.S., but they were also very supportive of her taking steps to fulfill her professional and personal dreams.
  • In Mexico, she was a marketing specialist for major brands, but when she moved to the United States, her first job at Fossil was just filing papers for a few days each week.
  • When she was offered a job in benefits, she was honest with her V.P., telling her, “I don’t know anything about benefits!”; her V.P. simply replied, “You can learn.”
  • Hearing that someone believed in her empowered her to work really hard in her new position—and obviously it paid off: she’s now been at the company since 2003.
  • Says that there are days when you’ll spend more time at work than you do with your family, so her goal is to build her workplace into an environment that feels as supportive as a family.

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