Henry's Open Road


Gibson Guitar Corp.

“If you really know what you want, then losing doesn't bother you. You don't stop.”


Business Music


Self-Reflection Transitions Risk Confidence Failure Goals


Accomplishing Goals


  • Says he always knew music would play a big part in his life, but is still surprised it's part of his profession.
  • Went to the General Motors institute where he earned an engineering degree, then worked as an engineer.
  • Left to go to Harvard Business School on a GM scholarship; had an "enlightenment" there.
  • Knew he wanted to run a business, rather than spending his life making carburetors.
  • Always liked a challenge; wanted to manage a company because he's "a risk-taker [that] always likes to win."
  • Says "there's competition all around you," when asked if that scares him, he says, "No, why would it?"
  • "I lose all the time"-says if you're afraid of losing, you should never take a risk, because everyone loses.
  • Says that when you make mistakes, "you're winning because you're personally improving yourself."

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