Henry Juszkiewicz

Henry Juszkiewicz


Gibson Guitar Corp.

Nashville, TN USA

If you really know what you want, then losing doesn't bother you. You don't stop.


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Henry Juszkiewicz


My road in life has been direct.
Says he always knew music would play a big part in his life, but is still surprised it's part of his profession.
Went to the General Motors institute where he earned an engineering degree, then worked as an engineer.
Left to go to Harvard Business School on a GM scholarship; had an "enlightenment" there.
Knew he wanted to run a business, rather than spending his life making carburetors.
Always liked a challenge; wanted to manage a company because he's "a risk-taker [that] always likes to win."
Says "there's competition all around you," when asked if that scares him, he says, "No, why would it?"
"I lose all the time"-says if you're afraid of losing, you should never take a risk, because everyone loses.
Says that when you make mistakes, "you're winning because you're personally improving yourself."
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With my passion for music I helped Gibson come back to profitability and restored it's reputation for quality.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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