Gregory Carroll

Gregory Carroll


American Jazz Museum

Kansas City, MO USA

A real job that is a successful job for someone is a job that's driven by their passion and their love.


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Gregory Carroll


My road in life has been direct.
Growing up, his dad and friends were always listening to jazz out on the porch; Gregory was allowed to hang out with them one day.
First artists he heard were Ella Fitzgerald and Lionel Hampton; thought, "I want to play that instrument Lionel Hampton is playing."
Got a little keyboard and picked up the Lionel Hampton tune by ear; his parents realized he had to develop this talent.
Took piano lessons for free through public school; teacher introduced him to the vibraphone, which he recognized as Lionel Hampton's instrument.
Was working at a fast food restaurant in high school; quit, vowed it was the last time he'd ask, "Do you want fries with that?"
When he was teaching music, he was disheartened by parents telling talented kids, "You have to get a real job," felt that belittled his career.
Struggled with the idea that he wouldn't be a famous musician, eventually got over it, realized he'd be happy as an executive, a teacher, anything in music.
Says that at some point, you may realize, "getting it all may never be achievable...and that's okay!"
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I manage operations of a museum dedicated to celebrating the experience of jazz as an original American art form.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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