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Chief Scientist

“Maybe you just haven't figured out which little road you're going to take. But I don't think it matters which one you take, honestly, because they'll all end up being the right one.”


Action Sports Technology


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Problem Solving


  • Originally grew up wanting to join the Navy, but found out he was color blind at age 16.
  • Still had an interest in ships and the ocean, so went to school to study shipbuilding and naval architecture.
  • The Navy hired him to develop a specific set of maps to predict wave height; his students started using it for surfing purposes.
  • He developed his maps into a website he ran on the side; finally, a company invited him out to California to officially jump into the surf world.
  • Was nervous that he might be "wasting" his Ph.D. on "a bunch of guys who just hang out on the beach all day long."
  • Says his work is as technologically advanced as what he'd do anywhere else, better than government agency models.
  • Might've made more money working for the Navy, but would've worked in weapons technology; instead, his work puts smiles on people's faces.
  • Says he enjoys his work at Surfline so much that it doesn't feel like a career; he still feels like he's "waiting to grow up."

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