Geoff Frost

Geoff Frost

Chief Marketing Officer


Chicago, IL USA

Growing up was like running as fast as you could until you lost your nerve, and then hurling yourself to the ground and hooking your fingers in. I remember saying to myself, 'I'm never going to do that.'


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Geoff Frost


My road in life has been direct.
Remembers being a child, looking at adults and thinking, "They're all so timid," promised himself he'd keep his fire and his curiosity.
Got into Yale University; met with some counselors who suggested that he should take a year off before starting.
Went to Europe in 1968, at the height of counter-culture; got swept up in the "revolution," bummed around Europe for a year, occupied universities.
Came home and never went to back to college, wanted to make money; took a copywriting job in New York City.
Went into it with great enthusiasm, spent the first day listening to boring, tedious conversations, thought, "How hard can this be?"
By the end of the summer, he'd had two raises, found he had an aptitude for "making stuff up."
By age 26, he was vice president of Grey Advertising; had the idea that because he had no degree, he "knew nothing," was always eager to learn.
Went on to develop iconic ad campaigns for Nike, Motorola, but says you leave the greatest impact by focusing on what's at hand.


Chief Marketing Officer

I helped develop the Razr phone and lead new marketing ideas by nurturing and enabling innovation.

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My work combines:
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