Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit

Documentary Filmmaker


New York, NY USA

There's a momentum in actually starting a project and doing it. Just do it. The moment you say, 'I'm doing it,' it opens up so many possibilities.


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Gary Hustwit


My road in life has been direct.
When he was in college, he put on a concert for fun and it ended up being a lucrative 400-person event.
Says the punk rock mentality has carried over from his band days-punk was a group of people coming together for one common interest.
He's a self-proclaimed "design geek."
Looked around for a film on his interests-graphic design, fonts-and found nothing.
Realized that there must be other people out there looking for the same thing; decided to make the film himself.
Stresses the importance of making the switch from "I'm thinking about doing this," to "I'm doing this."
Says everything around us is "design" and everything has people, stories, and history behind it.
Everything comes together little by little-if you constantly take small, incremental steps to improve your life, they'll add up.


High School


Documentary Filmmaker

I'm the jet-lagged and guitar-obsessed director of the documentary films "Helvetica," "Objectified," and "Urbanized."

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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