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Independent Filmmaker
The Promised Land

“Everyone is born with a message; everyone is born with something to say.”


Acting & Theatre Film


Exploration Honesty Success Negativity Pressure Experience Money & Financial Security Values


Being Creative


  • When he was young, he didn't have a "career" in mind, but he definitely had an area of interest.
  • Was originally studying theater; directed a play in Boston; a producer recognized as a visual wonder; shot the play as a film.
  • As he was participating of the direction of this film, he realized his training in directing actors could cross over into film and television.
  • He went to work at a local Boston TV station; had to give up directing theater but got to direct documentaries instead.
  • Produced several documentaries, eventually won an Emmy with that station.
  • Says that when you're facing criticism, you just have to be honest with yourself and honest with others.
  • He "never did and never will" judge his success by how much money he's made; says success is in the "magic" of communication, being happy.
  • Says his priority is "me, and whatever good I can give to the rest of my peers"; that might be egotistical but he always wants to be happy.

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