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Evin Robinson



My road in life has been direct.
Co-founded New York on Tech along with fellow leader Jessica Santana.
New York on Tech is a nonprofit organization that provides low-opportunity youth with mentorship and experience in technology.
Growing up in New York City, he learned coding and web design so that he could personalize his Myspace profile.
Met Jessica Santana while at school at Syracuse University; the two pursued master’s degrees in technology studies together.
While in college and after graduating, he landed a series of prestigious internships and jobs, but he always wanted to do something to help give back to his hometown of Brooklyn.
Founded New York on Tech in 2014 while simultaneously working as a technology consultant at Accenture; currently balances between both jobs.
Says, “life is full of stress—but you have to learn to live with that stress, rather than living in a state of stress.”
Tells road-trippers that there will always be obstacles in their journey, and that life is not about avoiding those obstacles, but rather, learning how to navigate them.
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I lead a company helping to prepare the next generation of technology leaders emerging from New York City.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
Non-Profit Organizations
Helping People

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