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Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)

“Grab a hold of what you can make a difference with and what you can change, and the rest you can just let go.”


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  • Throughout elementary school and high school, she was an honor roll student.
  • She received a full-ride scholarship to Duke University, but when she got there, she started struggling.
  • She couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t focus and she didn’t know where to turn for help; ended up dropping out of college.
  • Looking back, she recognizes her struggles were a result of her ADHD, but at the time, she only knew that she didn’t function the way other students functioned.
  • Years later, her sons were diagnosed with ADHD, and she realized that she had it, too.
  • Says that their diagnoses were a relief, more than anything; now that she’d identified the problem, she could figure out where to turn for help.
  • She went back to school and completed not only her undergraduate education, but also two master’s degrees.
  • Says her happiness and confidence comes from understanding that ADHD has as much to do with her successes as it does with her struggles.

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