Eric's Open Road


Co-Founder & CTO
Two Bit Circus

“Struggle to find your niche for as long as possible.”


Engineering Technology


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Building Things


  • He finished college in the middle of the web crash, so rather than entering the workforce, he "hid out in graduate school."
  • Became a touring circus performer on the side while he was finishing his engineering degree.
  • Worked as a fire dancer, a clown, an aerialist, and an acrobat.
  • Says that conversation ("I'm joining the circus") did not go over well with his parents, who had more "traditional" jobs.
  • After graduation, he took a series of "boring" engineering and computer programming jobs.
  • Reached a crossroads where he felt he had to choose between being a performer and continuing with these dull jobs.
  • Says when he started making interactive art with his co-founder, Brent Bushnell, he "fell in love with engineering again."
  • Their company's goal is to show kids how engineering can be exciting and interactive.

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