Devyn Mikell

Devyn Mikell



Indianapolis, IN USA

I do want our company to look and feel different than every company that’s around us so it can feel like a beacon of what’s possible.


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Devyn Mikell


My road in life has been direct.
I earned my bachelor’s degree in operations and supply chain management from Indiana State University.
I started a food truck with a friend in college.
We eventually decided to close down the food truck business because it was just too cold to run successfully during the Indiana winters.
I started working multiple side hustles, one of which was running a territory for senior care.
Part of managing that territory meant hiring caregivers—the hiring process felt more like a hamster wheel than I’d like, so I sought out to improve the process.
My brother was experiencing similar challenges with hiring in his work, so we partnered together and founded Qualifi, a virtual hiring platform that helps to streamline the recruitment process.
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High School
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Indiana State University



I manage the revenue generating functions for a high-volume hiring platform.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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I'd recommend computer science, finance and accounting, or sales. These are all great skills to have. Entrepreneurship is more about willingness than anything, so no major will give you that.

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