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“You have to be on a constant quest for knowledge.”


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  • Growing up, his grandfather owned a service station and he was the first person to show him how to fix a carburetor.
  • His parents used to “threaten” to send him to a technical school as a punishment for working on cars all the time, not realizing that was all he wanted to do in the first place.
  • At an early age, he opened up his first auto shop; it was a “hole-in-the-wall” garage that could fit only one car at a time and all he had was his dad’s old Craftsman tool box.
  • About 10 years later, he got into the entertainment industry by chance after he was asked to build an elaborate car for a movie.
  • He quickly realized that this was what he was supposed to be doing—he sold his auto shop and opened up a new business dedicated to making custom vehicles for movies like The Fast and The Furious.
  • He has always had an appetite for fast vehicles and one of his main motivations for succeeding in this business was to be able to afford his “automotive habit”.
  • Says he loves the design process of building vehicles and road testing them, but his favorite part is actually getting to see the final vehicle up on the big screen.
  • Encourages people interested in the auto industry to learn as much as they can—“you want to be one of the top guys that people come to as an expert.”

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