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“Scare yourself just a little bit, then work through it and figure out how you're going to come out safely on the other side.”


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  • Was always confused by the kids and students around him who knew exactly what they wanted to be.
  • Worked in corporate consulting at a big bank for some time after college.
  • Says you're continually changing-what you like now, you might not like in 4 years or 10 years, so keep experimenting.
  • Eventually realized he hated his job; quit without a single plan, just knew he couldn't keep doing consulting.
  • A friend showed him a YouTube video of someone jetpacking, which he'd never seen before.
  • Helped start up and run Jetpack America, which provides lessons and flight experiences on their jetpacks.
  • Says it's better to jump in and try things-even if you don't enjoy something, you won't have regrets, wondering if you should've tried.
  • Believes personal growth comes from extending yourself a little bit past your comfort zone.

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