David's Open Road


    First Gen Roadtrip


Executive Director
Teach For America

“Once you establish a belief in something that you really, really think is important, you stick to it. Because if you're not believing, others aren't going to follow your footsteps.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


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Helping People


  • Son of two Mexican immigrants and had trouble learning English.
  • Almost dropped out of his public middle school after failing seventh and eighth grade.
  • Instead, transferred to a charter school, where he found new mentors, a new love for learning.
  • Found financial success in sales and marketing, but says those gains felt "hollow."
  • Returned to school to earn his Bachelor's degree from UCSD with the goal of transitioning into nonprofit work.
  • Joined Teach For America after realizing he was in the minority of low-income students who graduate college-wanted to give back.
  • Started his branch of the nonprofit in the hopes of giving everyone in San Diego access to a good education.

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