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Eye to Eye

“I am someone who learns differently, and that is as much a part of my identity as anything else.”


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  • Was never a good student, but decided that rather than becoming “the dumb kid,” he’d become “the bad kid.”
  • As a result, he was on good terms with his school principal, whose office he was visiting constantly.
  • He was later diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD.
  • When he got to Brown University, he learned that one in five people have a learning or attention issue.
  • Once he realized he wasn’t alone, he was struck with a desire to find “his people,” the learning and attention issues community.
  • He started a support group at Brown and word soon spread to nearby schools; suddenly, hundreds of students were emailing him wanting to join his “club.”
  • David realized he couldn’t just leave his project behind, and decided to dedicate his post-grad life to building “Project Eye-to-Eye” into a national movement.
  • Says he’s driven by his love of learning, and his passion is to make sure that every kid can learn in an environment that best fits their needs.

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