Craig's Open Road

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    Original Roadtrip


The Institute for Genomic Research

“I've never been influenced that much by other people's comments or goals; I work hard to make up my own mind with as much information as I can get.”


Science Technology


Conflict Education Focus Individualism


Problem Solving


  • Got in trouble in elementary school for refusing to take spelling tests; was about half of a grade away from not graduating high school.
  • Originally didn't like school, says it was unrewarding, but he needed to support himself.
  • Worked nights at Sears so that he could surf all day.
  • After returning from his deployment to Vietnam, decided to go back to school to study biology, pharmacology, and physiology.
  • Eventually got his Ph.D. and went to work with the National Institutes of Health.
  • Started his own biomedical companies; in 1998, one of these companies decoded the genome of a fruit fly.
  • Three years later, he and his team had decoded and sequenced the entire human genome.
  • Says before you make career decisions, decide what you want to accomplish in life, then build your path.

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