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Film Director/Screenwriter

“Are you perfectly clear on the fact that you will fail? I mean, it's going to happen. The only way you're going to get good is if you fail. So get to failing, get that process going.”


Film Writing


Family Inspiration Regrets Failure Goals Determination Hard Work Individualism Acceptance Character Self-Reflection Fear Fulfillment Passion Perseverance Pride Risk Values Confidence Doubt Desire


Being Creative


  • When he was a student, The Breakfast Club came out; kids at his school were quoting entire passages.
  • He realized "there is power in writing," set out to make "the great American movie."
  • His whole family got involved, they shot $30,000 worth of film that was a complete failure.
  • His dad told him to simplify; "if you can't do it with the simplest tools, what makes you think you can do it with expensive tools?"
  • He decided to start all over with a digital camera; started to struggle with, "Do I have what it takes?"
  • He bought a cheap camera, made a film in his house with family members as crew; it went to the Hollywood Film Festival.
  • Agents from the festival loved the film, wanted to see if he'd written anything else; he had Hustle & Flow screenplay ready for them.
  • Says people are scared of failing, tend to put off taking risks, then get bitter and resentful later in life because they never tried.

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