Christian Jacobs

Christian Jacobs

Co-Creator, Director & Writer / Lead Singer

Yo Gabba Gabba!/The Aquabats

Anaheim, CA USA

You've got to put yourself in those sink or swim situations...Make things tough on yourself so that you're stronger.


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Christian Jacobs


My road in life has been direct.
As a child actor, he wasn't given a "normal" childhood; was part of a cutthroat industry, was going to auditions every day.
Hooked on to things like toys, skateboarding, music to make up for lost time, help his imagination grow.
Got a good feel of how the television industry worked-which was helpful down the line-but left it to pursue music.
Figured out that performing under a persona made people pay attention to him, made it easier for him to sing his feelings.
Started the band The Aquabats, who dressed up as superheroes and fought monsters on stage.
From there, they had the idea for Yo Gabba Gabba!, but previous experience with television networks compelled them to produce it themselves.
Quit their day jobs and took out loans to make the show happen; says it was hard because by then, he had a family depending on him.
Stresses that you have to put yourself in "sink or swim" situations, don't just let yourself float through life.
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Co-Creator, Director & Writer / Lead Singer

I created a children's TV show where I get to play with costumes and characters everyday.

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My work combines:
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