Christian's Open Road


    Team Tabula Rasa


Co-Creator, Director & Writer/Lead Singer
Yo Gabba Gabba!/The Aquabats

“You've got to put yourself in those sink or swim situations...Make things tough on yourself so that you're stronger.”


Music Television


Chance Family Fear Money & Financial Security Acceptance Confidence Courage Failure Hard Work Perseverance Choices Risk Self-Reflection Desire Experience Inspiration Values Struggle Character Dedication Individualism Opportunity Passion Success


Accomplishing Goals


  • As a child actor, he wasn't given a "normal" childhood; was part of a cutthroat industry, was going to auditions every day.
  • Hooked on to things like toys, skateboarding, music to make up for lost time, help his imagination grow.
  • Got a good feel of how the television industry worked-which was helpful down the line-but left it to pursue music.
  • Figured out that performing under a persona made people pay attention to him, made it easier for him to sing his feelings.
  • Started the band The Aquabats, who dressed up as superheroes and fought monsters on stage.
  • From there, they had the idea for Yo Gabba Gabba!, but previous experience with television networks compelled them to produce it themselves.
  • Quit their day jobs and took out loans to make the show happen; says it was hard because by then, he had a family depending on him.
  • Stresses that you have to put yourself in "sink or swim" situations, don't just let yourself float through life.

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