Chris Kraus

Chris Kraus


I was so over saturated with hearing other people's things and serving other people's work … I was like, I've heard enough-it's my time now to start putting something out.


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Chris Kraus

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My road in life has been direct.
By 21, she was a senior journalist with a nice apartment, car, dog, but was unhappy, says she "hated the sound of [her] own voice."
Was part of what she calls the "Great Female Migration" to New York; played a Patti Smith record and decided to move there.
Originally went to New York to be an actress but learned that wasn't going to work out; took a series of "bad temp jobs."
Realized filmmaking might be another good medium; "could've made films forever, except that no one wanted to watch them."
Got the chance to make a feature film, put in three-and-a-half years, then it didn't get shown anywhere.
Was in "complete despair," ended up getting in a car accident because she was so disconnected and unhappy.
Developed a "crush" and put her energy into writing love letters; finally had "something to live for," letters became her first book.
Started writing novels; can't believe she hadn't started writing earlier, says she was "like a horse out of the gate," she'd found her passion.
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High School
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand



I'm a writer, filmmaker and artist.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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