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“We all come from some place we didn't necessarily choose, but we can choose where we're going, and we can lead those behind us by example.”


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  • One of his earliest memories was of his stepfather kicking him out of the house at gunpoint on Christmas Day.
  • Although everyone expected him to become his alcoholic, illiterate, abusive stepfather, he made a decision to say, "This stops with me."
  • Joined the Navy after high school; says that until he went into the military, the worst violence he'd ever seen was in his own home.
  • Says most people keep their skeletons in their closets, but he keeps his on his mantlepiece, looks at them everyday and says, "No, you didn't."
  • In his effort to make a better life for himself, he took an unpaid position at Dean Witter, the largest stock brokerage firm in America.
  • Although the job would pay off in the long run, as a single father, the lack of salary left him homeless; lived in an Oakland BART station on and off for a year.
  • Eventually he started his own brokerage firm, went back to BART, gave a presentation to their investors, and won their business.
  • Wrote a book called The Pursuit of Happyness based on his life's struggles and triumphs; it was later developed into a film, and starred Will Smith.

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