Chano's Open Road


Senior Director
Fossil Brand Retail Stores - North America

“If you wake up on a Monday morning and feel excited, that’s success.”


Business Fashion


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Learning / Being Challenged


  • Growing up in a big family, he loved babysitting his younger siblings and cousins because it meant he constantly had the opportunity to teach them new things.
  • He realized he loved that feeling of teaching people, so he decided that he wanted to become a teacher when he grew up.
  • He took a job at a retail store called Charlotte Russe to save up for college; he didn’t originally love retail, but his parents had taught him to always do the best job he possibly could.
  • His coworkers and managers recognized his hard work, and as he started to fall in love with the job, they rewarded him by moving him up through the ranks.
  • He was in line to be promoted to district manager at Charlotte Russe when Fossil called—and kept calling and calling.
  • He hadn’t been looking for another job, but their persistence spurred him to take an interview...and he found that he loved the company and the people.
  • Since then, he’s been promoted to senior director of all of Fossil’s North American stores, a job that lets him travel from Los Angeles to Dallas to New York City on a weekly basis.
  • Says that his job has forced him to confront one of his biggest fears—public speaking—but in order to pursue success, he’s had to face his fears and step out of his comfort zone.

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