Cary's Open Road



“Everyone's so afraid to take a risk, but taking a risk-that's the good part.”


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  • After he graduated from college, moved to Los Angeles to work on films.
  • Always loved movies, thought that's what he should be doing, but was also enjoying writing music.
  • Had kept his music private-"I didn't think anybody would ever want to listen."
  • Realized he was helping all of these writers, directors "realize their creative vision," knew he had to start doing that for himself.
  • Says it was hard to tell his parents he was going to leave a steady job to pursue music, play open mics.
  • Starting in LA was intimidating, cutthroat, but found a community at Hotel Cafe, felt comfortable there.
  • Says he's continually evolving as a musician, realizing he knows nothing and starting all over again.
  • Used to be terrified of failing but has taught himself to take risks and learn through his failures.

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