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Buddy LaRosa



My road in life has been direct.
Grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, was used as their "cheap labor" as a kid.
"You name it, I did it": drove a cement truck, sold shoes, dug ditches for Cincinnati Gas & Electric, "must've had 50 jobs like that."
Joined the Navy at 21 when the Korean War started up; stationed in Philadelphia, liked to hang out in South Philly, the Italian section.
Saw the pizzerias and Italian bakeries, decided he wanted to open up an Italian restaurant.
Set up a pizza booth at a church function; ended up selling out, being the most successful booth at the festival.
Started a store with only $400; had no idea how to run a business-took on an accountant, some partners to gain more capital.
His partners eventually sold their shares, Buddy grew his one restaurant into a tri-state, 60-restaurant operation.
Encourages young people to take minimum-wage jobs in fields they like, observe the higher-ups and see if they're happy.
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I share my love of Italian food with people through my franchise of family pizzerias.

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My work combines:
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