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Emissions Lab Technician
SEMA Garage

“It doesn’t matter if people tell you that you can’t do something. If you listen to whatever people say, you are not going to get anywhere. You have to listen to your heart and listen to yourself.”


Engineering Technology


Hard Work Struggle Education Opportunity Passion Beliefs & Faith Values Support & Encouragement


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Is originally from Mexico City, Mexico.
  • He has over 20 years of experience in the auto industry; he is currently specializing as an emissions lab technician for SEMA.
  • Growing up, he was always playing with cars and was constantly surrounded by people who were mechanics working in body shops.
  • As a teenager, his friend helped him buy his first “junk car”, which didn’t run and had missing parts.
  • He started working on fixing it up little by little, which ignited his love for cars; discovered that he loved having to “work to make IT work.”
  • He never had an opportunity to go to school or gain any formal training—everything he knows about fixing cars he learned “on the streets.”
  • Says he feels a strong sense of pride and a personal connection to the parts and cars he tests—“I tested that product, there is a part of me in that car.”
  • The language barrier has always been a struggle because of the variety of people he has to work and communicate with; it’s never held him back, but he says his next goal is to go back to school.

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