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Founder of the College Success Program

“You control your life, your life doesn't control you. And you control your thoughts, your thoughts do not control you.”


Entrepreneurship Writing


Negativity Opportunity Perseverance Confidence Fear Transitions Doubt Hard Work Self-Reflection Individualism Instincts


Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, New York.
  • He noticed that every family and community had that one person that had "made it out" and done something great.
  • Made it his personal goal to be that person who would do something great so that his family and community would look up to him.
  • When he was 16, the violence and darkness around him became too much; he went up on to a rooftop and considered suicide.
  • He was suddenly struck by one thought: "Not yet."
  • Says that your negative thoughts are much like lions behind glass at the zoo; they're there, but they won't hurt you unless you let them.
  • His "secret to life" is: "Negative thoughts never go away, and it's not your job to make them go away-your job is to believe them less."
  • Says that when life starts getting you down, finding positivity is as simple as watching a motivational YouTube video or reading a good book.

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