Anna Maria's Open Road


    First Gen Roadtrip


Girl Scouts of the USA

“It'll all work out as long as you're doing it for the right reason. It's going to get a little scary. But your only job in life is to stay on that track; regardless of what people throw at you and what barriers they put in your way, no one change your track but you.”


Law Non-Profit Organizations


Dedication Desire Education Goals Perseverance Confidence Family Hard Work Societal Pressures Values Individualism Passion Support & Encouragement Determination Struggle Focus


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Grew up in a small farming town of primarily Hispanic families that went back generations
  • Joined Girl Scouts as a child and developed a desire to preserve nature and serve others
  • At 12, decided to become a lawyer to achieve her aims; moved to Phoenix with family for more opportunities
  • Moving to a big city made her realize she was different; was stamped with labels like 'girl of color'
  • Didn't let labels define her; pushed forward and got into Yale as the 1st in her family to go to college
  • Stood out from classmates, felt homesick, and was thrown into new situations, but kept at it
  • Even today, she's usually the first of her kind to do something; she has no playbook but she's scrappy
  • Now, she has "the best job in the world;" says all indicators pointed her towards a different path, but she chose her own

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