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Bus Boys and Poets

“I learned from my failures a lot and used them for a launching pad for the next project.”


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Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Family moved to U.S. from Iraq when he was 11 years old.
  • Finished college early, got into medical school at Howard University.
  • Realized that medical school wasn't for him and quit after one semester; says he's never afraid to quit something.
  • While working as a waiter on the West Coast, realized he loved the restaurant business.
  • Opened his first restaurant in northern Virginia; opened and sold restaurants for some time to build a portfolio.
  • Finally opened his dream restaurant, Busboys and Poets; built as a "vehicle" for conversation, more than just a restaurant.
  • Opened the restaurant in his hometown, Washington D.C., in an effort to give back to his community, honor its history.
  • Stresses that he had many failed restaurants before he found a concept that worked, was successful.

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