Andy's Open Road


Chairman / CEO
Kaplan, Inc.

“All of the voices around me were telling me to stay in the world that I was in, but I wanted a different path.”


Business Education


Choices Fulfillment Risk Success Passion Confidence Perseverance Chance Opportunity


Accomplishing Goals


  • As a young adult, he wanted to be a lawyer; never expected to be running a national education company.
  • Went to Duke University in North Carolina for his undergraduate studies; completed his Juris Doctor degree at Yale Law School.
  • Worked as a lawyer for Newsweek magazine, which was viewed as a prestigious job; his wife’s parents liked to show him off as “their son-in-law, the lawyer for Newsweek.”
  • But as a lawyer, he felt like he was always battling other people, when his desire was to work in tandem with others to build things.
  • He took a job in Westchester, New York, running a test preparation center for Kaplan.
  • To most people, that seemed like he was taking a step down from his former, more distinguished job.
  • But he knew that if he wanted to build something that could improve the world, he’d need to enter the business world.
  • Therefore, he was willing to take that “step back and to the side” in order to get onto the path that he wanted to be on; has since worked his way up to become chairman and CEO of Kaplan.

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