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Senior Director of Product
IBM Blue Box

“I’ve been very successful, and it’s not because I’m special—it’s just because I always focused on what I wanted.”


Science Technology


Confidence Self-Reflection Courage Risk Transitions Success Desire Determination Choices Doubt Instincts Opportunity Regrets Community Pride Societal Pressures Values Culture Hard Work Planning Focus Support & Encouragement


Problem Solving


  • He was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas; the city had one of the top 10 highest crime rates in America when he was growing up.
  • Also went to college in Little Rock, where he originally studied biochemistry because he thought he wanted to become a doctor.
  • By his junior year, he knew he didn’t want to be a doctor, but he also didn’t have the money to change majors and spend more time in school, so he put his head down and pushed to finish.
  • After school, he realized he didn’t want to keep living in Little Rock, so he researched different cities, searching for a place with a low crime rate and an upward trend in growing technology.
  • He settled on Seattle, Washington; packed up all of his stuff in his car and drove halfway across the country without any plans for when he got to his destination.
  • Despite having to figure out where he was going to live and work, he was so excited about the change that he wasn’t worried.
  • Within a few weeks, he’d found a place to live and the perfect job for someone looking to learn more about technology.
  • Says that really successful people always take big risks; once he figured this out, he didn’t become a huge risk-taker overnight, but he started building more risk into his decisions.

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