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Undeveloped Film

Duration: 0:33

Themes Discussed:

Failure Family Goals

Craig Brewer

Film Director/Screenwriter

  • Undeveloped Film (0:33)
    Craig Brewer
    Film Director/Screenwriter
  • How You React To Failure (0:45)
    David Neeleman
    jetBlue Airways
  • I've Learned More From Losing (1:10)
    Jeff Adams
    Olympic Champion/Wheelchair Racing Athlete
  • What If I Fail? (0:36)
    Pat Croce
    Entrepreneur/Sports Team Executive/Author
  • Channeling Failure (0:25)
    Rob Bollinger
    Artistic Director
    Cirque du Soleil
  • Thinking Of The Positive (0:33)
    Wanda Sykes
  • It's Ok To Make Mistakes And Change Your Mind (1:42)
    Christopher Brown
  • Fail, Pick Yourself Up, Try Again (1:38)
    Randii Wessen
    Astronautics Systems Engineer
    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • How To Overcome Feeling Defeated (1:04)
    Jon Barnes
    Systems Integration Consultant
  • Failure Makes Me Stronger (0:40)
    Jake Bryer
    Co-Founder and Artist
    Austin Art Garage
  • Rock Bottom (1:14)
    Jill Weiss-Ippolito
    Founding Director and Yoga Teacher
    UpRising Yoga
  • Failure Is Okay (1:15)
    Kimber Lanning
    Founder/Executive Director
    Local First Arizona

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