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Whether your future feels uncharted, or you have a clear view of your goals, this project-based course will help you discover your interests, explore career possibilities, and talk to someone you admire about how they found their path—so you can discover yours.


What you'll learn

Discover who you are and what you're into

Deep-dive into your interests and values to explore careers that align with who you are and what you care about.

Define success for yourself and start pursuing it

Learn how to block out pressure from others, listen to your own voice, and make a plan toward your goals.

Get real-world insights by talking to a professional

Talk to someone doing a job that excites you and get inside knowledge about what it takes to succeed.

Roadtrip Nation has not only guided me, but it also made me reflect about who I am, who the people are around me, and what the purpose in my life is. It helped me see what I really want to do and how I can get there. It also showed that I’m not alone on this road!


Segerstrom High School, CA


The process


Explore your interests and matching careers

It’s possible to build a career around what you like to do. We’ll guide you through the process with exercises that connect your interests to a variety of careers.


Hear life and career wisdom from industry leaders

How did successful people get to where they are? From cybersecurity specialists to 3D animators, bakers, and beyond, hear advice from leaders across industries.


Talk to someone working in a career that interests you

Hear what the career you’re curious about is really like. You’ll talk to someone who works in the field to get a real-world perspective.


Course details


Course details

  • 5 lessons with videos and discussions

    Self-discovery lessons help you explore careers and how to pursue them.

  • Go at your own pace

    Flexible format so you can complete lessons and your interview project over days or weeks.

  • Additional tasks and resources

    Links to useful assessments, activities, and skill-building tools to round out your self-discovery experience.


Young people and adults who have used Roadtrip Nation educational tools in learning programs across the U.S.


Those who completed Roadtrip Nation's curriculum showed increased self-belief, according to an independent study*

Higher GPA

Those who completed Roadtrip Nation's curriculum earned a higher GPA by a factor of 2 compared to other learners*

*Based on a study conducted by Dr. David Conley at the Educational Policy Improvement Center


Who it's for


Project-based learning and guided career exploration designed for adults and young adults ages 13 and older.


Bring real-world careers into your learning environment with lessons that expose learners to new pathways.


Add career exploration to your offerings with a course that sets up learners to build a future they're excited about.


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