Team BNE

This summer, the three of us -Elliott, Brooklyn, and Nekeed-will embark on a six-week cross-country journey of self-discovery in hope of learning more about ourselves and our futures. Traveling in Roadtrip Nation's Green RV, we hope to make stops along the way to meet with Leaders who have found the blend of living and loving life by unapologetically pursing their own passions. Our journey will begin on the East Coast and take us across the country to California to speak with Leaders who have defined their own Roads by building their lives around what they love. By opening up a dialogue with those who have established their own paths, we hope to gather our own sense of where we want to go in our lives with our different interests, passions, and dreams. All three of us are eager and determined to start our lives on our own terms, but are often held back by self-doubts and pressures to do what others say we should do. The conventional call to first and foremost seek money and security before our own interests, which has been engrained in us by our parents and institutions, seems to leave us questioning lost opportunities. From this Roadtrip we hope to learn the steps we can take to put aside the habit of playing it safe so that we can live meaningful lives doing what we love.  
Current Status Roadtrip Dates Start City End City # of Interviews Miles Logged
Finished July 4 - August 11, 2011 Portland, ME Costa Mesa, CA 17 4697 miles
Date Location Details
July 5, 2011 Portland, ME RV Drivers Training
July 7, 2011 Portland, ME
July 9, 2011 New York, NY Brother Stavros, Monk
July 12, 2011 Boston, MA Nick DePalma, Graduate Student
July 14, 2011 New York, NY Marty Odlin, Co-founder/Engineer
July 15, 2011 New York, NY Nat Paynter, Director of Water Programs
July 16, 2011 Philadelphia, PA Rosemarie Certo, President
July 19, 2011 Yellow Springs, OH
July 20, 2011 Chicago, IL Ella Jenkins, Children's Songwriter
July 22, 2011 Chicago, IL Paolo Davanzo, Founder/Executive Director
July 23, 2011 Valparaiso, IN
July 25, 2011 St. Louis, MO Bob Cassilly, Founder
July 29, 2011 Victor, ID Jimmy Chin, Photographer
August 2, 2011 San Francisco, CA Christopher Brown, Painter
August 2, 2011 Mill Valley, CA John Perry Barlow, Co-founder
August 3, 2011 Oakland, CA
August 5, 2011 Pasadena, CA Randii Wessen, Astronautics Systems Engineer
August 6, 2011 Los Angeles, CA Laura Danly, Astronomer/Curator

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