Poor, Lazy Overachievers

We have christened our team “Poor – Lazy – Over-Achiever” because it describes our three different personalities and/or dilemmas. Liz has just finished college in the last year and has a pretty good idea of what she wants to do in the bigger picture, but is unsure of the route or the means to get there. Autumn is at a crossroad between finishing her degree or dropping out and following her true passion: writing. Aaron has been out of college for two years and is having trouble deciding between numerous interests that all force him to break the ties from home. We have all been feeling the pressure to make the ‘right’ choice and hope the experiences we have on this trip will give us the courage to choose our own road in life.
Current Status Roadtrip Dates Start City End City # of Interviews Miles Logged
Finished June 24 - August 1, 2009 Costa Mesa, CA Kitty Hawk, NC 21 4 miles
Date Location Details
June 26, 2009 Costa Mesa, CA
June 28, 2009 Santa Monica, CA Mr. Animation, Street Performer
June 29, 2009 Los Angeles, CA Denise Verret, Assistant Director
June 30, 2009 Santa Monica, CA
June 30, 2009 Corona del Mar, CA Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winning Chemist
July 3, 2009 Santa Fe, CA Glenna Goodacre, Sculptor
July 4, 2009 Roswell, NM Malcolm McDowell, Actor
July 7, 2009 Austin, TX
July 8, 2009 Austin, TX
July 11, 2009 New Orleans, LA Matthew Nolan, Writer/Poet
July 13, 2009 New Orleans, LA
July 16, 2009 Suwanee, GA Kyle Maynard, MMA Fighter/Wrestler/Owner
July 17, 2009 Atlanta, GA
July 17, 2009 Knoxville, TN Bill Bass, Forensic Anthropologist
July 19, 2009 Mammoth Cave, KY
July 21, 2009 Cleveland, OH Maria Siemionow, Plastic Surgeon
July 27, 2009 New York, NY Liz Mandarano, Yoga Instructor/Owner
July 28, 2009 New York, NY Nathan Vincent, Crochet Artist
July 29, 2009 New York, NY Zee Avi, Singer
July 31, 2009 Washngton, DC
August 1, 2009 Washngton, DC

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