Here, There and Everywhere

For inspiration and a shot of courage to pursue our passions, we will roadtrip as a team around the nation in order to talk with individuals who believe in what they do and enjoy doing it. We feel that any insight uncovered on the roadtrip will be relevant to anyone of any age.
Current Status Roadtrip Dates Start City End City # of Interviews Miles Logged
Finished June 24 - August 1, 2009 Costa Mesa, CA Kitty Hawk, NC 21 5033 miles
Date Location Details
June 28, 2009 Los Angeles, CA
June 29, 2009 Los Angeles, CA
June 30, 2009 Los Angeles, CA
July 2, 2009 San Francisco, CA
July 3, 2009 San Francisco, CA
July 3, 2009 Oakland, CA Youth Speaks, Arts-In-Education Organization
July 6, 2009 Portland, OR Lance Bangs, Filmmaker/Music Video Director
July 7, 2009 Portland, OR
July 8, 2009 Hood River, OR L Scott Webster, CEO
July 9, 2009 Seattle, WA
July 12, 2009 Moab, UT Bruce Hucko, Photographer/Art Coach
July 15, 2009 Santa Fe, NM Kenny Ausubel, Co-founder/Co-CEO
July 17, 2009 Norman, OK
July 19, 2009 Austin, TX
July 20, 2009 Austin, TX Alyson Fox, Artist
July 22, 2009 Houston, TX Jennifer Arnold, Pediatrician/TV Star [TLC's The Little Couple]
July 24, 2009 New Orleans, LA
July 25, 2009 New Orleans, LA Charline Wright-Gipson, Corporate Lawyer
July 27, 2009 Atlanta, GA Penny Brown Reynolds, Judge/Author/Ordained Minister
July 28, 2009 Atlanta, GA
July 31, 2009 Winston-Salem, NC Anthony Atala, Director

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