Dress to Impress

I think as a whole, we were both really pleased with the way our trip turned out. At first we were a bit shy about meeting new people and listening to what they had to say, but after the first day we really started to be more bold and outgoing. From talking to one of the managers at our hotel to one of the biggest icons in fashion history, we got a very wide range of inspiring stories. We both hope to get another wonderful opportunity to explore roads less traveled.
Current Status Roadtrip Dates Start City End City # of Interviews Miles Logged
Finished July 19 - July 23, 2005 Dallas New York 2 2245 miles
Date Location Details
July 19, 2005 Dallas, TX
July 20, 2005 New York, NY
July 20, 2005 New York, NY
July 21, 2005 New Jersey,
July 22, 2005 New Jersey,
July 23, 2005 Dallas, TX

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