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Zoe Krumm


My road in life took a while to figure out.
She was on the crew team at the University of Washington, but she suffered an injury that put a hold on her college rowing career.
While she was injured, she started coaching a local rowing team; most of the women she was coaching were lawyers, and she thought she might want to be a lawyer too.
She was working on her master’s degree in education, but she decided to take an entry-level job at a law firm to see if she liked it.
She realized she probably didn’t want to be a lawyer, but she loved building cases.
That job got her foot into the door at Microsoft; she was brought on in the legal department.
Over the years, she developed a subject matter expertise and found her niche: she now works with law enforcement agencies to build cases against software counterfeiters and pirates.
She holds master’s degrees in business administration and education; she believes having multiple learning experiences and diverse perspectives is a huge asset.
For example, she says she always wanted to be a teacher—and still wants to be a teacher someday—but for now, she finds ways to apply her education degree to her work in forensics.
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Senior Business Intelligence Manager

I work with law enforcement agencies to build cases against software counterfeiters and pirates.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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I specialize in using big data and advanced analytics to detect and combat cybercrime. Along with my colleagues, which include investigators, forensic experts, and attorneys, I am focused on building data models to explain and predict crime mechanics. My current focus includes tech support fraud and crime perpetrated against Microsoft cloud services.

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You will always do better work if you develop collaborative relationships with your colleagues. Take constructive criticism to heart and use that to move forward.

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"Isn't there a dataset out there with the answers? This can't be that hard. "

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