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“For me to get where I am, a lot of people had to dedicate their time to me. It's only right that I do the same for others.”


Education Non-Profit Organizations


Experience Simplicity Struggle Values Inspiration Opportunity Individualism Self-Reflection Education Passion Fulfillment Societal Pressures Instincts Transitions Doubt Support & Encouragement


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Growing up, she went to schools that were among the worst in the nation.
  • Was raised by a single mother who immigrated from Guatemala and didn't speak much English.
  • Spent her teenage years doing things she shouldn't have been doing, and getting away with them because her mother worked full-time.
  • Finally decided to start getting involved; joined as many clubs as she could, one of which was the Future Teachers Club.
  • One of the club advisors saw something in her, introduced her to the Golden Apple Foundation; she became one of their Scholars, started on her path to teaching.
  • Acknowledges that she was one of the lucky few that turned their lives around, and she chalks that up to her teachers.
  • Says that although she has a master's degrees and multiple awards, as a preschool teacher, she still has issues being taken seriously.
  • Co-founder of SwaziKids International, which provides school supplies to students in Swaziland.

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